Sunday, August 09, 2009

Is This What They Call Middle-Aged?

Packing for my archive visit and double-checking to make sure I have:
-My three prescriptions
-My vitamins
-A book
-Benadryl (tablets and cream)
-Panty girdle (not good, I know, but my mom and my grandmother spent years drumming into us the absolute necessity)
-Three similarly colored outfits to cut down on pairs of shoes needed, and ensure interchangeability in the event of an accident
-Comfortable underwear

Realizing fifteen years ago, I would've been making sure I had:
-Cute panties (you know, in case someone saw them :-)
-Six outfits and twelve pairs of shoes for a two-day stay (because you need to be able to change your mind)
-Lip gloss--lots and lots of lip gloss


cripchick said...

wow cute underwear, lipgloss, 6 outfits and 12 pairs of shoes is so me... is it an age thing? what the hell is a panty girdle??

elle said...

see! you're still soooo young!!!

it's a girdle that fits just where panties do (not long line or anything)

calixti said...

When I visit my parents, I take my meds, my vitamins, enough clothes so I won't have to do laundry, assuming jeans can be cycled and worn multiple times, and I only need one shirt per day (or half a week's worth if I'm staying a week or longer), a single pair of sneakers, my ebook reader, and my laptop.

And I'm only twenty-one. I guess I'm old too. T_T

cripchick said...

it's nice to know that i will grow out of my impracticability

RageyOne said...

I totally get the similarly colored outfits to cut down on shoes. Shoes take up too much space and are heavy.

safe travels.

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