Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost Free...

The OAH is this weekend.

It will mark the end, for me, of the worst March in recent history. I won't detail what all this month entailed for me, but I will publicly rejoice that is nearly over.

Mayhap I shall return and produce a prosaic-yet-poetic post that will knock your socks off.

More than likely, I will come back and whine about writer's block and end of semester rush and the spring fever I have that makes me want to take my classes to every Women's History Month presentation and every guest speaker and every other event on campus. I'm tired of the four walls.

In any case, cross your fingers for me. I don't feel nervous so far, but it is the OAH and my former advisor will be there along with women from my dissertator group and a commentator whose work I respect beyond measure.

See y'all soon.

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Joan Kelly said...

I don't know what an OAH is (I feel like it must be really obvious and I am just being dense right this second) but I cross my fingers for you anyway.

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