Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100 Facts about Elle (27)

Apparently, I don't love all chocolate.

I buy Hostess cupcakes, peel off and eat the fudgy icing, spoon the cream out of the middle, and throw the cake away.

Similarly, if I eat Oreos, I prefer double-stuff, because I lick the cream out of the middle and throw the cookies away. My cousin Tren, who has elevated Oreos and ice cream to a food group, refuses to share her Oreos with me for this reason.

Wasting Oreos, it seems, is akin to sacrilege.


Joan Kelly said...

frankly just the mention of a Hostess cupcake makes my heart flutter. it's true that the filling and the icing are the best. mm.

Renee said...

Had to weigh in to say that Tren is absolutely right. You just have to eat the whole Oreo. I also have a crazy addiction to oreo cookie ice cream as well. I have an emergency tub hidden at the bottom of the big freezer, and a family tub for easy access for the children in the big freezer. How bad is that?

randombabble.com said...

who has elevated Oreos and ice cream to a food group


I had a friend when I was at the Language Institute, and when times got rough (read: stressful exams), Double Stuff Oreos were the staple of our study session diets.

I can only eat them w/ a big ol' glass of soymilk, b/c I don't care for the chocolate cookie part, and it gets me to drink the soymilk.

I can't get on board w/ the Cookies N Cream deal, though. Renee's ice cream will always be safe from me.

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