Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Political Commentary

In the fine tradition of passing the buck, let me ask y'all what my BFF sort of asked me this morning: any thoughts about the unfolding presidential brouhaha?

My quick ideas:

I was surprised Obama won in Iowa.

I was pissed about the big deal made of Clinton's show of emotion.

I was surprised Clinton won in New Hampshire.

Ummm, where the hell did Mike Huckabee come from?

Who the hell are the candidates for the two big parties going to be?

And showcasing my political ignorance: What is the big deal about caucuses and primaries? I know what they are. I understand to a certain extent why they're important for judging the proverbial lay of the land, but it seems like a lot of time and effort are expended on these things. Is it worth it?

Thoughts? Observations? School me!


Anonymous said...

yes, the big deal about clinton's so called sobbing annoyed me as well. i too was happily surprised that obama won and i must say he is my preferred candidate at this point. in terms of primaries, i am excited by them, but i am a big dork. i do think that some things are unfair in the primary process, like the time given to certain candidates.

Unknown said...

As someone who hates ALL the current candidates (as well as all the ones that dropped out), let me say that the answer is: who knows who's going to win? I would say that Fred Thompson is probably NOT going to be the Republican nominee, and that John Edwards is probably NOT going to be the Democratic nominee. But other than that, who knows? We should have a clearer picture of the Republican race after this next primary in Michigan, which will likely knock Romney out of serious contention; McCain or Huckabee will emerge as the candidate to beat, depending on which of them wins in MI, and the other one will likely become his major opponent, unless Giuliani claws back into the race, which I doubt. On the Dem side, it's a two-person race now, but who knows who's going to win.

OT, I've mentioned you, albeit in passing, in my latest post.

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