Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh. My. God.

Graduation was Friday. I had approximately 15 houseguests. There were 7 kids in all here. Remind me again why I like children.

Then I made the long trip to Louisiana. Got back last night shortly before midnight. Slowly melted into an exhausted puddle on y bedroom floor before congealing and pulling my self into bed.

Graded exams are due today. By noon. And I'm writing y'all.

Upcoming conference--Advisor read my paper at the hours long graduation. Mind you, it still has no conclusion!! She said it read well, but "Here are a few suggestions." I must've looked crazy because she put her arm around my shoulders and said, "Oh, elle, I know. Always something." Actually, her suggestions are minimal--I just need to make the changes and send the damn thing to the commentator.

As my signature pages are on their way back to me, I have no excuse not to finally print out the dissertation and give it one last go-over before submitting it. Plus the fee to microfilm it. And the fee to copyright it. And the cost to bind it. While still reeling from renting the cap and gown abd dreading paying for the hotel room and any other expenses incurred at the conference. Who told these people grad students had money?

Speaking of the conference, the organizers are looking for people to blog it. I want to do it so badly, but I'm afraid that I'll get their and be unable to make myself do it properly. Isn't that horrible?

I'm teaching World History to 1500 for the first summer session, which begins May 31. Which gives me all of six days (after I get back, pack up for the summer, and go home) to prep. For a class I've never taught. That isn't my specialty.

I wrote my next blog post about Union Parish, but I don't like it and have no idea when I'll edit it. So for the next couple of weeks, this is going to be a wholly unacademic, insignificant blog--I'm just going to complain about my life, okay?

Back to recording grades.


Quinn said...

You'll get through. Two things: one, five months after my defense, I'm still having dreams about turning in my dissertation. That shit ain't right.

Two, I'm teaching World History too! I'm up for talking about this more offline.

RageyOne said...

Yay! Graduation! I'm sure your family was proud.

The busy life never seems to end. I totally understand.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Your blog could never be insignificant. :-) Congrats on walking, getting hooded and all that good stuff. Ain't pomp and circumstance grand? I'm so happy for you, soror! YAY! Have a wonderful time at the conference.


Mathochist said...

Dr. Elle, you are one impressive PhD sportin' lady! Way to go! I am so proud of you!

Southern_Lady said...

You're on the go! I'm not teaching this summer. I was upset because that's less money this summer, but recording grades--no, GRADING is for the birds. Congrats on graduation!!!!

Blackamazon said...

I'm just saying I want the elle pic with the PHD cap

Rebecca said...

Copyright fee? Huh? Who's charging that? Claiming copyright is FREE.

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