Thursday, August 03, 2006

Traveling, Part Deux

This time, back on the interstate to take my dad to the heart doctor (okay, cardiologist, but when you read this blog, please approach with the following in mind--"Elle, rural Louisianan"). Today, I must blank out my dad's golden oldies (as in 40s and 50s), old-school gospel (the dirge kind), and--when he takes pity on me and turns to the R&B station--Beyonce's caterwauling (I hate Deja Vu almost as much as Unfaithful). So, I turn to billboards. Is it just me or are they more graphic and condemning here? Observe:

1. Hell flames shoot all over the background. In all caps, those that will be presumably caught up in the Rapture ask those who will be cast downwards (notice, I do not place myself in either group), "WHAT DIDN'T YOU UNDERSTAND?"

2. See the breastfeeding post to understand my raised eyebrow at this one:
babies are born to be breastfed and at the bottom: (emphasis on the "dot gov")

3. And the piece de resistance (see all the Francais I'm using today?): A sheet-covered human lies on the asphalt. Only, just in case billboard-noticers don't know what a sheet pulled over the face in the middle of the roadway means, various limbs are sticking out at awkward angles. The caption: "You didn't see him. Now his family never will again. Look out for motorcycles."

There truly is no place like my home... thank God.


Quinn said...

I'm guessing the breastfeeding one, however, did not show a woman actually breastfeeding.

Elle said...

oh no. that would've been too much.

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