Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Some Uninformed Thoughts

OK, during my recent round of travels, I've noted many stories I'd like to blog about. Immigration. Cynthia McKinney. Test Scores. Christianity. Problem is, I've been so oblivious to the world at large, I figured I didn't know enough to write a cogent, factual post. In keeping an online journal, I've developed the habit of typing and emoting first, then wincing and regretting later. Still, I'm going to chance it to weigh in on one issue--the so-called "Duke" case.

Oh. My. God.

I've made a round of conservative sites I read regularly (don't ask why). The result is that I've been absolutely floored by the rampant hatred and hypocrisy directed at the young woman. Hypocrisy because these sites claimed that the dreaded liberals and feminists support this woman with little evidence--but then, they jumped in and defended the men (allegedly) involved before many details were known about the case. After all, these are "good" white men at a "good" Christian school who unfortunately crossed paths with that sluttiest of seductresses--a black woman. And the woman? Well, her story doesn't make sense, she was (and here are just a few terms I've read) smashed, drunk, high, incoherent, already bruised from her impairment, etc.

And I wonder, even if all the descriptions are true, why does it mean she couldn't have been raped.

Then come the references to her character. Because of her job, I've repeatedly read the words ho and prostitute. LaShawn Barber implies that she is in a class of "nasty women" who should realize there are consequences to your actions. Apparently, consequences rightfully include being raped if your action is something as deplorable as exotic dancing. And, my God, not only does she take her clothes off--she stole a car once!

Which obviously means she couldn't have been raped.

Then, in the spirit of righteous conservatism, they bring up how the evil among us dared to believe there may have been issues related to race in this whole incident. In the world of the colorblind, after all, we wouldn't notice that she is black and they are white. But, if liberals are the only ones noticing race, why is it so hard to believe these guys may have done this and so easy to discount her story? Surely, they won't claim this air of angry disbelief is all about cold, hard facts.

I don't know what happened that night. I'm not well-versed on the case. But I am thoroughly appalled by these widespread notions of "she asked for it" or "she deserved it" threaded throughout the coverage of this story. And I am saddened by the fact that such opinions are shared by many blacks and many women, regardless of political stance.

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