Monday, November 23, 2009

Cumpleanos y Mas

Happy Birthday to me!

Reactions have been mixed. My friend Coti and my dad act as if they are in awe:

Coti: "Damn, girl, you almost 40?

Daddy: "You 35?!?!?!" (He's reflecting on what it means that he has a 35-year-old child. Yes, Pops, you're a senior citizen. :-)

I've received numerous birthday wishes, including a rousing version of "Feliz Cumpleanos." You have to be grateful for Dora's alleviation of young Americans' un-sophisticated monolingualism. You also have to be grateful to have wonderful friends and family and gentle reminders from FB.

I have my 3-year-old goddaughter. This is a talking, squealing, bossy little mama. She finally noticed my dad's leg. Unlike some of the smaller kids in the family who have been hesitant to approach him or even been fearful (which I hate for him), she had to conduct a minute inspection:

"Paw-Paw, you broke your leg off?"

"Nah, baby they cut off."

"You did that? You cut your leg?"

"No, the doctor?"

"With a knife? Why they do that?"

So, he debated explaining it, then went with, "It was bad."

Then, she said, "Paw-Paw, let me see," at which point, a careful examination complete with soft murmurs and sympathetic pats to his leg ensued.

It took forever to get her settled and Ms.Thing was back up before 8 AM. To say I am not used to that is an understatement.

Surprisingly, I have no plans for today. Went with friends and family for a birthday dinner Saturday. Having a party this weekend. Forgot to plan to do something on my actual birthday! I might spend it grading. That would be a wonderful gift to myself--to go back to work with a clean slate :-p

I will take down the twist-set C-Payne did on my hair so I can be wavy and cute as I bleed red ink all over essay exams.

I think it will be okay. :-)


summer of sam said...

hey, happy birthday.

elle said...

thank you!

RageyOne said...

happy birthday soror!

little children have a way of easing into things. i hope your dad is doing okay.

Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to you. Wishing you a beautiful year.


Anita said...

I hope you can see what a wonderful work you have made of your life so far and that you will pause a moment and be happy to see yourself doing very well as a scholar and teacher (and looking so wavy and cute) at this point in your journey. It is women like you who give us hope for the future.

Happy Birthday!

Gladys said...

belated happy birthday, elle!

cripchick said...

i love your writing/storytelling style, it's delicious and always makes me smile. happy birthday, beautiful!!

Joan Kelly said...

well I'm late but I did want to say I'm glad you were born, Elle.


elle said...

thanks, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike........................................

Anonymous said...


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