Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weather Lament

It's just too damned hot. I mean the kind of heat that pisses me off, that makes my body (and my hair :-) feel limp and damp and ready to renounce my (southern) residency. Almost everyone I know has air conditioners that can't cool the houses below the upper 70s--my dad had someone come out and look at ours. The poor AC is fine, just not fit for battle with successive 100 degree+ days.

And then there are the kids, who worry you from the morning onward, asking to go outside. No matter how many times you say, "You will fry," they simply wait three minutes and ask again. We can't keep any kind of drinks because they're going through them so quickly.

My friend Kendra and I are often told we are headed for hell because of the things we say/observations we make. The other night (as in after 6:30), as she was alternately wiping sweat and fanning with a bedraggled paper towel, she told me, "elle, we gotta get our shit together and get right. We're not going to be able to stand this forever."


Anonymous said...

aww, you poor thing... i hate hate the heat.

and i am still laughing from what Kendra said!

belledame222 said...

It is, indeed, FAR too frigging hot. even when it's not, like today: sticky. I feel like I'm in brain melt.

Professor Zero said...

I am also laughing from what Kendra said. I am sick from the heat I think, and from the air conditioning. Which I don't like to keep below the low 80's anyway since the contrast with outdoors is too great.

At work they keep it altogether too hot, it's often around 90 in my office and you can't open the window. I hate this. And we had a student faint from the heat right in class this summer. I want openable windows and ceiling fans in that building.

Quinn said...

yeah, but the company in the bad place will be so refreshing! See you there (unless you get right).

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