Monday, June 25, 2007


I have been remiss, bad, just-plain-out-of-it when it comes to linking (and reading) the carnivals I usually keep up with.

One I'm not behind on: Fire Fly has the second Carnival of Radical Action.

The Carnival Against Sexual Violence comes out on the 1st and 15th of each month. Edition # 25 is up at abyss2hope.

The History Carnival is published on the 1st of each month. The current edition (#53) is at the American Presidents blog. The next wil be at Dr. Goetz's place on July 1. (I just noticed she's been blogging for five years. Wow!)

The Carnival of GRADual Progress (which offered me so much hope and support!!) is held monthly, around the 15th. The current edition is at When do you think you'll be done? (Isn't that THE most annoying question?). Next up, around July 15, at Fumbling towards Geekdom.

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