Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Which Came First?

This past Sunday being the first one of the month and all, my church had communion. Now, I'm not sure what is customary elsewhere, but here, if you're not baptized, you don't partake. The kid is always let down because he hasn't been dunked yet. Though I "joined the church" when I was four, I want his to be a more conscious decision.

In a charitable spirit, I gave him a sliver of my wafer and let him dunk it in my grape juice (I'm Baptist, people). Then, I made him stand and listen carefully to the pastor. He actually paid attention; seconds later, he whispered, "Mama, this is based on that movie!"

The Passion of the Christ.

To which I hissed back, "No, the movie is based on this!"

Silence, and then, "But the movie came first!"

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